Things we need to Open the doors:

Purchase and Install the Cafe Kitchen- DONE

We need to purchase a 3 bay sink, prep tables and other kitchen and have them installed. Approximate cost: $1100 or 11 additional memberships

Purchase and Install Coffee Equipment- DONE

Industrial coffee makers and bean grinder, airpots, an espresso machine and specialty grinder, and water filtration system. 

Approximate costs: $2800 or 28 additional memberships 

Cafe Seating and Decor- DONE

Tables, chairs, couches, coffee tables and decor for the cafe. 

Approximate costs: $2100 or 21 additional memberships 

POS system and other Technology- In Progress

Cash register, money drawer, receipt printer, networking equipment and installation. 

Approximate costs: $1100 or 11 additional memberships 

Initial Stock of supplies- Making it work

Coffee cups, beans, sleeves, sugar, and other accessories needed. 

Approximate costs: $1000 or 10 additional memberships