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What we have been working on...

Community Cafe

We are working to build a community cafe that serves locally roasted coffee and sources its menu from local producers.

Coworking- NOW OPEN!

We have built a space for small businesses that traditionally work from home can work from our space with high speed internet, shared office equipment, and built in networking.

Local Grocery Coop Market- Seeking Vendors

The focal point of our space will be making locally produced foods available for anyone to come in and purchase.  Contact us to become a Vendor

Community Cokitchen

Another part of our project is creating a community co-kitchen that will offer local home producers a NYS certified kitchen to help them grow and expand their businesses.  

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Are you interested in knowing more about the project, where we are currently and how things are progressing? Then join us for our next Community Informational Session!

140 Main St. Richfield Springs